Students passed the practice «The first days of the child in school»

Students group 4ka, 4kb, 4sha, 4shb, 213ka, 213kb, 213kd, 213ra, 214k, liberal arts college 214pk 1 to September 8, 2016 passed the practice «The first days of the child in school». The first days at school – a very complex and interesting period in the life of every child who has to go to school. Teachers first grade tomorrow – today’s students.

(School №37 students Group 4 kb)

During the practice of future teachers not only to the educational process was observed and analyzed, and were direct participants. In class they spent fizminutki, organized with the first graders playing at recess, watched the performance of students giginicheskih organizational requirements, preparing the material in the teacher’s assistance in the form of clarity.

(Deputy Director for training and production work of M. Asainova and student groups 4sha)

Students 2, 3 courses were a trial practice in urban schools №4, 5, 8, 51,52,54,63,37,48 and kindergartens № 1,7,8,9,24,26,27,33,49 , 63,69,71,76.

In practice, the students carry out the execution of group and individual tasks, which includes a program of practice. At the end of each type of practice, students draw up reports on the practice, the content and form of which are pre-determined head of the practice.

Travelled practice allowed all the students in the future to feel more confident in their professional activities.