” March – basses ” Madieva Aisulu Tursinbaevna

on March, 17, 2018 in 12: 55  in a 314 cabinet of informatics an extracurricular event is conducted  with the students of group of  217 кj on speciality “Preschool education” within the framework of    cycle ” of physics and informatics”.

Theme: ” March – basses  “. An event  was conducted in Kazakh language.

Teacher: Madieva  Aisulu   Tursinbaevna  is a teacher of informatics to the first category.


“Оқу үшін бағалау және оқуды бағалау” Dalabaikyzy Indira

On February 26, 2018 at 13:10 in 314 the office of computer science coaching with the students of the group 1ivtk, 2ivtk, 3ivtk of the specialty “Basic secondary education” was held.

Theme: “Оқу үшін бағалау және оқуды бағалау”. Coaching was conducted in the Kazakh language.

Teacher: Dalabaikyzy Indira is a teacher of informatics of the first category.

“Modernization of national traditions” Musaeva Madina

On March 17, 2018 at 13:10 in classroom 316 there is a class hour with students of the 2nd year of group 2 of the specialty “Primary education”.

Theme: “Modernization of national traditions”. The class hour is spent in the Kazakh language.

Teacher: Musaeva Madina Eralievna – teacher

The Humanitarian College of Astana is of the highest category.

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